School Structure 2018

Principal: Mr Chris Smith

Deputy Principal: Stacey Gribben


The Junior Syndicate consists of six classrooms with children from Year 0 to Year 2

Room 6 Mrs Judith Stanbridge (Syndicate Leader/Assistant Principal)

Room 7 Mrs Scott Lane

Room 8 Miss Deborah Storer

Room 9 Mrs Anna Lawson

Room 12 Mrs Liz Riggir

Room 13 Mrs Lynda Bardwell

Room 14 Mrs Heather Bonney (Room 12/13)


The Middle Syndicate consists of four classrooms with children from Year 3 & 4

Room 10 Mrs Lisa Lowden (Syndicate Leader)

Room 11 Mrs Anna Hartley

Room 15 Miss Chloe Barton

Room 16 Miss Charlotte Ford


The Senior Syndicate consists of 3 classrooms with children from Year 5 & 6

Room 3 Mrs Caroline Brown (Syndicate Leader)

Room 2 Mrs Anna Ollerenshaw

Room 1 Mrs Katy Fitzgerald


Specialist Teacher: Cathy Logie

Reading Recovery Teacher: Amanda Davies