School Donations

Note: As of 1 January 2020, Wakari School will no longer ask for donations. Click here for information on this.

Tax Rebate form 2018 (use this fillable form to claim rebates on donations)

Many people wonder what school donations are and what they are used for. Here are some FAQ about the donations:

Q: What does this donation cover?

A: The donation helps the school purchase resources that might not otherwise be possible.

Q: Have I not already paid this?

A: Most families have not. The payment at the start of the year included stationery and activity fee (for class trips). Donation invoices usually go out at the beginning of term 2. We delay the donation invoices to allow families to take a ‘breather’ after the large costs associated with the start of a school year.

Q: How can I pay the donation?

A: There are many ways to pay – cash, cheque, EFTPOS, direct credit, or by instalment. For payment by direct credit, our bank account number is 03-0905-0905218-00

Q: Can I claim back this donation in my tax?

A: Yes. You can claim up to 33% of the donation. For more information on tax credits go to

Q: If I have an existing automatic payment, does the donation automatically came off my account?

A: No, we need your permission to take if off, as donations are voluntary payments.