Road Safety

Wakari School’s new Pick up Drop off system begins…

At Wakari School we are all about road safety.

Use our Pick up Drop off area outside the Shetland St entrance morning or afternoon.  These are “no parking” areas at the times shown on the sign.  That means no waiting and no leaving your vehicle.  They’re places to pick up drop off and “GO”.  If your child isn’t ready for you, please exit and re-enter the area (it takes just 3 mins to go around the block via Forresbank and Mayfield).  This gives others a chance to use your space.  Staff may supervise children here until 3.15pm but if you want to park and wait or come into the classroom, please use longer term parking nearby.

If you have older children, have a look at our new Safe Meet Spot map.  These are areas older children can walk to a short distance away from the school gate which helps to ease congestion and make pick up times less stressful for you.  Please read the map and discuss your after-school arrangement with your child and even do the short walk with them.