Please check your children’s hair daily. There’s nothing to be ashamed of if your child has nits (remember that lice prefer clean hair).  The key is for everyone to be vigilant and rid these pests from our school community.


Wet Comb and Conditioner Treatment

Wet combing with conditioner and a fine tooth nit comb (without using chemicals) is an effective way to find and remove head lice, if done properly.

For a tipsheet on how to do use a comb and conditioner, click here.

We do have FREE nit combs in the school office if you require one.


Would you like a safe, effective, organic and affordable solution to these little pests? Then wait no more!
Nit-Enz shampoo is made from completely natural ingredients. You just use it twice a week (like a normal shampoo) and it will kill the lice AND their eggs. A bottle of shampoo costs less than $20 and will least a whole term.
Nit-Enz is now available from Balmac Pharmacy. For more information download the information sheet or go to www.nit-enz.com