Wakari Zone

The Enrolment Scheme takes addresses on both sides of the boundary streets mentioned in the description unless otherwise stated.

To see if your address falls within the enrolment zone, click here.

Starting from the intersection of Taieri Road and Farley Street, the home zone follows:

  • North-east on the western side of Farley Street until Beresford Street
  • North-west on Beresford Street until Mount Street (including Hastings Street)
  • North-east on Mount Street until Shetland Street
  • South-east on Shetland Street until Prospect Bank (including down to 69 Shetland Street)
  • North—east on Prospect Bank until Lynn Street
  • South—east on Lynn Street until Chapman Street
  • North on the western side of Chapman Street until Balmacewen Road
  • West on Balmacewen Road until Helensburgh Road (including Jason Street, Upland Street, and Blantyre Road)
  • North on Helensburgh Road until Wakari Road (including Pioneer Crescent)
  • North-east on Wakari Road until Polwarth Road (including Caleb Place and Joshua Place)
  • South—east on Polwarth Road until the end of Polwarth Road
  • From the end of Polwarth Road north-east back up Polwarth Road until Wakari Road
  • South-west on Wakari Road until Gilkison Street (including Honeystone
  • Street, Larkins Street, and Rudd Road)
  • North-west on Gilkison Street until its intersection with Salmond Street (including Strode St and Stephen St)
  • East on Salmond Street until Gilkison Street
  • North—east on Gilkison Street until Wakari Road (including Hanlon Street)
  • South-west on Wakari Road until Taieri Road
  • East on Taieri Road until Helensburgh Road
  • South-west on Helensburgh Road until Hood Street (including Helensburgh Road to the south—west of Hood Street and Arcadia Place)
  • South-east on Hood Street until Gibson Street (including Kempthorne Place)
  • North-east on Gibson Street until Wairoa Street
  • South-east on the northern side of Wairoa Street until Taieri Road
  • North-west on Taieri Road until Farley Street.

zone map

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