Counselling services for children are provided by Blue Robin Counselling. Our counsellor is Deborah Taylor.

Deborah is professionally trained and is a member of a professional body such as NZAC. Counsellors work closely with the schools; liaising with, or referring to, other professionals/agencies as required.

Blue Robin is available at the child’s school, on safe, familiar territory, yet one step removed from the school system. The child is the client, and as such the child’s privacy and confidentiality is respected. However, we understand that children come as part of a family, and when the child discloses information which the counsellor considers would be beneficial for others to know, the counsellor will talk with the child about telling appropriate other adults (whether that be a parent, or teacher).

If you would like to child to attend this service, please email the school office.

NOTE: All enrolments from 2023 will have this permission on the enrolment form.

Deborah can be contacted on 027 367 7591 or