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Wakari Kapahaka 2017

Watch the Wakari Kapahaka group perform at the 2017 Otago Polyfest.

Medical Alert: Conjunctivitis

Wakari School is had a number of cases of conjunctivitis in recent weeks. This is a extremely contagious condition that affects the eyes.

Symptoms can include:

  • redness of the white part of the eye
  • irritation or gritty feeling (like having sand in the eye)
  • discharge (may be clear, milky or pus-like)
  • more tears than usual
  • swelling of the eyelids
  • crusting of the eyelids or eyelashes
  • itchiness

Conjunctivitis causes red, irritated and sticky eyes.

Children with conjunctivitis should not go to school until their eyes are better (this usually requires treatment). Conjunctivitis can last from 2 days to sometimes as long as 3 weeks.

For more information on conjunctivitis, please go to:


Junior Production Ticket Sales

The Junior Syndicate Production, “Once Upon a Time” tickets are now on sale. There are 3 shows:

Wed 27 September 1.45pm

Wed 27 September 6.30pm

Thu 28 September 6.30pm

Please send money in an envelope with the following details on the front of the envelope: Child’s name, room, show day and time, and number of tickets. Please take the envelope to Room 4 before school.

For more information on the Junior Production, click here.

BoT Bulletin: July 2017

See what is going on in the school from the perspective of the Board. Click here to read.

School Lunches

There have been two changes to school lunches starting the first week of Term 2:

  1. Easy lunches (Monday and Tuesday) have price increases
  2. There are NO baked potatoes, cheese rolls or mac cheese on Tuesday

For more information on school lunches, click here.