Kaikorai Junior Cricket Club

The Kaikorai Junior Cricket Club is looking for more junior cricketers to join our club to take advantage of this amazing summer. In particular they are looking for children from years 1 and 2 who haven’t played cricket before who would like to join the Superstar Cricket Academy. They are offering free registration for children who register by the 15th of December.
The Superstar Cricket Academy teaches children foundation skills and prepares them for actual cricket games. All coaching and gear is supplied. Only soft balls are used. The Superstar Cricket Academy is usually held at the Edgar Centre.
Click here for a registration form. The registration form can be emailed to the club at kaikorai.cricket@gmail.com
If you would like further information they can call me on 021 272 1480 or email the club at kaikorai.cricket@gmail.com